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bcAdmin 3.0: Improved UI and performance

automatic analysis. reports. all improved and faster ...

bcAdmin gets 3.0
and brings along many new features. It has improved performance when working with large quantities of recordings. Thus, it sometimes calculates stuff in the background while you are in the foreground.

…not only calls are searched, but you also can concurrently open multiple database documents. Compare data between databases or copy and paste entries.

No plugins…
…are needed anymore: All functions of bcAdmin 2 plugins are implemented directly in bcAdmin 3. Thus, no questions anymore on what you need, you get it all. Of course we used the remake to improve the plugin code as well.

bcAdmin 3 - Mehrere Dokumente bcAdmin 3 - Mehrere Dokumente bcAdmin 3 - Mehrere Dokumente

… can be drawn quickly now within bcAdmin for example for activity reports. This technique is used throughout the application and will be improved and enlarged in future updates.

Faster again…
… is the analysis of larger data sets. By using the builtin sonagram function work time of up to 50% can be saved. All together it feels 2-4 times faster than its predecessor. Let the long term monitoring come.

… batIdent results are imported automatically if you wish. Other automation was added as well here and there. Our goal for bcAdmin 3 was to make your work even easier while working with thousands of recordings.

Download the full version for testing purposes. The app runs 30 days without limitations. After that test period you need a valid license to use the application. At first start a new empty database document is created that you save with a name of your choice. After saving it to a file you can start importing recordings or existing bcAdmin2 databases into bcAdmin 3. Note that bcAdmin 3.6 requires at least Mac OS X 10.9 (better 10.10 or newer). See the features of bcAdmin 3.6 in a quick overview. Version 3.5.6 exists for users of older OS X versions.

Simple analysis of complex data

The software bcAdmin offers a simple way to quickly analyse complex data sets. Using the built-in report functions you can summarize data of multiple nights of your sampling scheme and extract number of contacts, seconds of activity or minute classes with activity within seconds. Export can be done as a graph or as CSV or XLS data file.

Aktivitätsgrafik aus bcAdmin

How do bats throughout the night?

You need the activity pattern for a single night? Nothing simpler than that. Generate it with a single click just as you can do for many more graphs. Take your time evaluating activity patterns, phenologies or other aspects you are researching while focusing on the data alone.

Nächtliche Aktivität aus bcAdmin

Non-batcorder recordings

bcAdmin 3 was extended to better cooperate with other recording types. For example stereo recordings can now be analysed as well. To get proper timestamps in bcAdmin the filename of recordings can be parsed and timestamps be extracted from these (for example SM2Bat). Note that recordings should meet some standards for automated measurements.

Zeitstempel aus Dateiname

Don't get lost in your data

The applications user interface offers quick access to all necessary data without endlessly searching and scrolling through tables. You can easily sort and filter sampling nights. So for example its easy to flag sessions accordingly to the work progress you have made. There is no simpler way organizing your recordings.

Aboutsichtliche Datensortierung

Environmental data

bcAdmin 3 can connect your recordings to environmental data to get a more sophisticated analysis of activity. With a couple of clicks and after some mere seconds you'll get for example activity plotted with min and max temperatures per night (batcorder 3 only). The following graph shows you an example output of such a diagram. You have the possibility to plot these for all recordings or for a limited set, like all pipistrelle recordings for example. These functions give you the power to extrapolate much more information from your bat activity than the mere count of recordings. You'll be able to give more elaborate estimations of what will happen to bats due to landscape changes for example.

Activity and temperature graph

How it works

The application is designed in such a way that it expects for each night and device a session entry to which the recording entries are linked. That way you can quickly assess activity for each night. Recordings than can be searched for calls and for all found calls measurements will be extracted automatically in a batch-like mode. Using these measurements batIdent can identify species automatically. Last step in the process is to import the results batIdent calculated into bcAdmin again. From the on you can do multiple analysis of your data to better explain activity patterns and such.

Data flow

Datenfluss zwischen den Modulen

Prerequisites for good measurements

While bcAdmin in general can deal with many different recording devices, there are some prerequisites that improve the automatic measurements. We recommend to use real time recordings of at least 350 kHz sample rate (500 kHz preferred). Amplitude resolution must be 16 bit. System noise should stay below -45 dB (relatively to maximum resolution). The batcorder records with a system noise of -53 dB or less. The SNR (signal to noise ratio) has a strong influence on the process of automatic measuring of calls. The worse the SNR, the less reliable the identification process will work.