batcorder 3


Automatic system for recording bat calls in real-time. Online call recognition. Full spectrum sound is recorded. Your solution for monitoring, Natura 2000, FFH and consulting work. More on the batcorder...


Nacelle monitoring

Acoustic sampling of bat activity at hub-height of wind turbines becomes an important tool for reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines. We have the tools: The established wind turbine extension and the new GSM-batcorder.


Passive long-term monitoring

Acoustic long-term monitoring of bats is the base for many projects. Using the box-extension you can sample data with the batcorder for months. Solar-powered battery recharge gives optimal runtimes: More on the box-extension....

Monitoring von Fledermäusen

Acquisition of bat activity in the field

Today bats are worldwide endangered and considered ecologically important. Thus, awarding authorities and the public expect sound and qualified assessment of bat activity in advance of landscape changes to reduce later restrictions for bat populations. The batcorder-system - consisting of hardware and specifically developed software - is the perfect solution for the acoustic acquisition of bat activity in such studies. It has been developed for the autonomous and reliable outdoor operation and offers objective and highly automated data analysis tools. It can be used not only for ground based sampling but also in the nacelles of wind turbines as an example.

Recording unit

The outdoor acquisition of bats is performed by the batcorder. After installation at the sampling site and timer-based activation it acoustically samples bat activity for the period of a whole night continuously. An unique and reliable algorithm ensures that all passing bats are recorded, while other sound sources like bushcrickets are mostly ignored. High quality sound files (real-time spectrum) are stored digitally on a removable medium and can easily be moved from the batcorder to a computer in the morning. The easy to use device and it is rather long run time make it your preferred bat detector.

Analysis software

Our software products are optimized for batcorder recordings yet can be used with other recordings as well. Using top-edge algorithms analysis is lightning fast, faster than what you get elsewhere. This is possible amongst other reasons by using Apple systems.

Diverse usage

Amongst the typical usage in passive, stationary monitoring, the batcorder can be used for a variety of tasks in your field work. You can use the batcorder for mobile recording (transects). Using one of its extensions bring it up in wind turbine nacelles or set it up in long-term monitoring. Some examples how clients use their batcorder:

  • Nacelle monitoring
  • Ballon-monitoring with 1 or 2 batcorders lifted by an helium balloon
  • Monitoring autumn/winter activity using the 12V power adapter
  • Monitoring of horseshoe bats in winter roosts
  • Scientific studies on land use
  • Autecological studies on pond bats
  • Usage of crossing aids at highways

Read up on batcorder usage as well as on a comparison of tools. Contact us if you need detailed information on detection range and similar questions.