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Manage and analyse your bat call recordings using a modern and fast database. Simplify and improve your work. Quickly create reports and graphs by a single mouse-click. Read up on bcAdmin...

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Analyse your bat call recordings using waveform or spectrum. Implemented is one of the fastest sonagram displays. Using a virtual heterodyne detector or playback time-delayed. Read up on bcAnalyze….



Using a well established method for automated species identification. Trained with roughly 70000 calls of most of the european bat species ... read up on batIdent....

Workflow der Software

Our software reduces your workload of managing and analyzing recordings enormously. Our tools were the first available tools for this task worldwide and have since their start around 10 years ago undergo a lot of development making them not only the oldest but also the fastest and most sophisticated tools for bat call analysis. The applications are all developed for Apple Macs. bcAdmin manages and analyses your recordings and gives summaries, reports and graphs describing bat activity. bcAnalyze 1.0 is for the basic manual call analysis, bcAnalyze 2.0 for the more advanced call analysis. And batIdent does just automatically identify bat species using an advanced algorithm which is now copied by most other available tools. All these tools are the perfect supplement to the batcorder. While all applications are optimized for working with batcorder recordings, they also work with files from other hardware. Some limitations exist, so bat calls have to be recorded either in real-time full spectrum or as time-delayed recordings. Frequency response, signal to noise ratio and overall recording quality influence the automatic call finder. Thus, not all recordings may be analyzed well. If you're in doubt, either test the software yourself or send us sampel recordings. We'll help you then.

Time is money

Our software runs on Apple Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 or newer (older version still support 10.5 and 10.6). Windows versions aren't available nor planned. Macs are rather versatile though, and can run easily all windows applications using a virtualization tool ...

The government as well as clients ask for long term monitoring more often since hardware is available and data quality is highly improved and allows better judgments. That means, you suddenly have to deal with 15000 to 20000 recordings in contrast to a few to hundred recordings you collected before. Manual analysis of these amounts of recordings is not reasonable. Even if you just account 20 seconds per recording in average, you end up with 5000 minutes or 83 hours or 2 weeks full work time. For just one recording device. This also means around 1500€ or probably more of costs.

Our software tools will save up to 70% of your time.

Fully automated analysis and implemented report features reduce your work load. We are continuously improving our software and add useful features to adapt to newly arisen tasks.

Using bcAdmin and bcAnalyze you will be able to analyze high recording volumes like the above within 3 to 4 days (with some experience) and thus save time to concentrate on rare species or other aspects of your project. While you're looking at the data reports in tabular or graph form are generated by pressing a button. That's it. Comparing costs with above, you get a reduction of around 50% to 70%. Honestly, the initial investment in a Mac and our tools will be equalized quickly. Some clients work on 10 such projects, which otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Analyse large datasets within a few days. Focus on the topic of your work and not the work itself. Our tools allow you to work on large projects simultaneously.

Other detector hardware

While bcAdmin and batIdent are optimized for batcorder recordings they work with other recordings as well. For most recordings you'll be able to even read the timestamps correctly giving you access to all the tools within bcAdmin. For Batlogger users we offer import analogue to the batcorder logfile import (payed feature).